I arrived in Germany in 2013 and travelled the continent of Europe.

In Europe, each country has retained unique cultures and traditions while influencing and being influenced by other European countries to form a host of new cultures. As I travelled the continent, I was struck by the many attractive aspects of Europe that cannot be found via the internet, and the many creations that had not yet reached Japan.

I established Kyou Marketing to help bring these creations to Japan using the marketing experience that I honed in Japan, elsewhere in Asia, and in Europe. Particularly between France - where I live - and Japan, there is a deep mutual interest between the two countries in a variety of areas.

The choice to sell European handmade ceramics and tableware is also influenced by my connection with the traditional Japanese culture of flower arrangement, ikebana.At its core, ikebana pursues harmony with nature and finding a new appreciation for all living things. The more I studied, the more I questioned on the heavily human-centric, mass production approach. Our selection of handmade ceramics and tableware are each carefully crafted by applying age-old methods and reshaping materials found in nature. Surrounding yourself with ceramics and tableware that have been so lovingly produced in this organic way gives new meaning to mealtimes. I strongly believe that they enrich our lives.

We at Kyou Marketing hope to help share beautiful aspects from France and elsewhere in Europe with as many people as possible in Japan. We want Kyou Marketing to be a bridge (Kyou = bridge) between France, Europe and Japan.


Aya Yoshizaki


Graduated from Osaka University (Osaka foreign university) and joined Panasonic Corporation in 2007. She engaged deeply market research, marketing strategy planning and marketing operation in B2C and B2B industry. Having worldwide marketing experiences in Japan, Asia and Europe, she founded Kyou Marketing in 2018 here in Paris.