Our Expertise


Marketing consulting and operations

Kyou Marketing is a marketing strategy consultant based in Paris to enter the Japanese market and grow your business in Japan.

Japan is the world’s third largest market and remains a stable economic environment. But because of the language barrier and the different business culture, many foreign companies have to face difficulties to access. With our deep knowledge of cultural & commercial business practices in Japan, we provide various services tailored to your needs and support to implement your business plan in the Japanese market.

Our process

1) Consulting : 
- Deep comprehension of your company and needs

2) Marketing : 
- Market and competitor research
- Business development planning
- Marketing operation

3) Promotion and development :
- Building communication plan to enter the Japanese market
- Developing sales channel
- Marketing and promotional operations

European handmade ceramics and tableware distribution

European artisans continue to handcraft ceramics and tableware, drawing on a long history of traditional craftsmanship. Each handcrafted piece has its own story and offers to enrich our lives. Kyou Marketing has been inspired by European handcrafting culture. We are passionate about delivering unique ceramics and tableware handcrafted by European artisans to reach many people in Japan.


Writing service

We bring you the latest information about the lifestyle, food, culture in Paris.